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Q. How long does my battery stay charged when not being used?

A. Approximately 12 months.

Q. What do I do if the bars don’t move or charging doesn’t occur?

A. Hold down the power button for a full 15 seconds and then release. This will RESET your PowerStick.

Q. How much charge will it give my phone?

A. Each phone model has a different battery capacity and charging will vary by model. The PowerStick is designed to provide a boost of power while you are on the go. For instance, a full Powerstick will give a three hour boost in talk time to an Apple 4S.

Q. Why won’t my computer recognize my PowerStick?

A. There are four models of Powerstick: the Classic, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. If your PowerStick does not indicate 2, 4 or 8GB on the front of the unit you have the PowerStick Classic which does not have memory capabilities. Your computer will charge the Powerstick Classic but not recognize it as a USB storage device.

Q. Can the PowerStick charge my iPad?

A. The classic Powerstick was designed to charge smaller mobile devices like phones, iPods and mp3 players. However, our PowerStick+ and PowerTrip can provide power to larger mobile devices like iPads and tablets.

Q. Can any of your Power Series products charge my laptop?

A. The voltage required to power laptops is much more than other portable devices. However, our PowerBinder, PowerStick+ and PowerTrip can provide power to larger mobile devices like iPads and tablets.

Q. Does my PowerStick have a warranty?

A. If your Powerstick was purchased from our website or through our corporate branding division, you have a life-time warranty. In case of defect, you may return your PowerStick to be repaired or replaced (requires an authorization number). This warranty will not apply to units that have been purchased from non-authorised sources or ones damaged through improper use.

Q. Is the PowerStick compatible with my phone?

A. All of our products come standard with 3 connectors: Apple, mini usb and micro usb. Most modern phones use 1 of these 3 connector types. You can refer to your phone manual for more details about your specific connector type. Furthermore, the PowerShot and PowerStick come with adaptors that connect it to Apple’s iPhone5 cable. The PowerStick+ and PowerTrip plug directly into the Apple iPhone5 cable.



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