Beagle Duo & BeagleScout Kit

This product is no longer available.

Beagle: Bluetooth finder has been discontinued.

Interested in a similar product? Check out Spot. 

Attach the Spot finder to an important item, like your keys. Then pair Spot to the supporting app on your phone. Use the app to find Spot.  Follow the alert sound all the way to Spot that’s attached to your keys. It works two ways. You can also use Spot to find your phone.

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Need info on Beagle or BeagleScout?

Beagle & BeagleScout are small finder devices with Bluetooth® wireless technology to help you locate and remember your most important items. 

Attach the Beagle to personal items (keys, wallet, purse, luggage etc) and then use the Beagle app on your phone or tablet to find them!

Use Find Mode to locate missing items or Tether Mode to receive an alert to make sure your important belongings don't get left behind. The Search Party feature links you to a community based lost and found network that allows other Beagle users help find your missing items too.

*This product does not use GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking technologies

Packaged together in a black booklet-style gift box. Includes: 2 X Beagle, 2 X split ring, BeagleScout and luggage tag, rubber loop, Beagle 2.0 Bluetooth Tracker app.

Includes: 2 x Beagle tracker, 2 x split rings, BeagleScout tracker, rubber loop, Beagle, Beagle 2.0 Bluetooth Tracker app

• Beagle: 1.36″ x 1.36″ x 0.2″  /  0.3 oz
• BeagleScout: 3.43" x 1.5" x 0.25" / 0.55 oz
• 1 year warranty
See full Beagle specs chart | Watch the Beagle videoWatch the BeagleScout video
• More questions? Go to the Beagle Support Page and the BeagleScout Support Page
• Download the free Beagle app from the App Store or Google Play