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The CableDock is a magnetic cable mount that helps you organize your cables. 

We all use cables on a daily basis and know that they can often end up just out of reach when we need them or in a tangled mess. The CableDock solves this problem by allowing you to organize and mount cables (charging cables, camera or computer cables, headphones, etc) for easy access.

Simply peel and stick the CableDock on your nightstand, desk, dashboard or anywhere else you need to access cables quickly. The CableDock uses magnets to attach the base and holder so that you can leave the holder on your cable at all times and then simply pop it into the base to dock it. 

Single includes: 1 x CableDock cable organizer
Double includes: 2 x CableDock cable organizers

• 0.9″ x 0.6″ x 0.6″  /  0.15 oz
• Watch the CableDock video

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