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Connect to Anything

This unique kit includes a 3.5 inch charging cable and 3 tip attachments. The cable and tips can be combined to create 6 different cable variations. With CableKit you’ll always have the right charging cable handy, no matter what the device or connection type.

• Kit is compatible with all devices (iPhone, Android, laptops & tablets)
• Includes a Micro USB to USB-A Cable & 3 tip attachments
• Top of case slides off to store tip attachments when not in use
• Great for travel or as part of everyday tech gear
• Hangs from a bag or keychain
• Packaged in polybag with info card

1 x Case, 1 x Micro USB to USB-A Cable, 1 x Micro USB to MFI Certified Apple Lightning Tip, 1 x Micro USB to Type-C Tip, 1 x USB-A to Type-C Tip

3.54″ x 1.16″ x 0.43″

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