ClutchMini & Vent Mount Kit

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ClutchMini & Vent Mount is a convenient kit to help you stay hands-free while using your smartphone.

The fold out metal stand allows you to stand your phone up at a comfortable angle on a table, desk or counter. Use the ClutchMini on its own or insert the stand into the Vent Mount and clamp it to the vents in your vehicle to stay hands-free while on the move.

The ClutchMini also features a built-in security strap so you never drop your phone when your hands are full, when you’re taking pictures and more.

The ClutchMini safely adheres to the back of any phone or phonecase making it a universal fit. Can be removed with no sticky residue.

Includes: ClutchMini phone stand, Vent Mount car dock

• ClutchMini: 3.13″ x 1.02″ x 0.30″ / 0.55 oz
• Vent Mount: 1.57″ x 1.40″ x 1.49″ / 0.8 oz
• Watch the ClutchMini video

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