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HawkEye is a small adapter that attaches to any USB cable to keep an eye on your charging cable and anything that is connected to it. On the road with your tech and their cables? At your local coffee shop and stepping away for a second? Simply attach the HawkEye to the USB end of your charging cable and press the power button to activate the HawkEye alarm.

HawkEye has two main functions:

Security Alarm: Activate the audio alert and make sure your phone or tablet is secure while it charges in a public location. If your device is unplugged the alarm will sound and you will know.

Reminder Alert: Active the alarm to prevent leaving your charging cable behind in a hotel room or other area while travelling. When you unplug your phone, the HawkEye will sound and remind you not to forget your charging cable. 

Includes: HawkEye cable adapter

0.88″ x 2.1″ x 0.44″ / 0.3 oz
• 1 year warranty
Watch the HawkEye video

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