PowerStick IV

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The PowerStick IV is a colorful addition to the PowerStick family of chargers. Keep your phone charged anywhere and anytime with the 2300 mAh back-up battery. The PowerStick IV features a classic “stick” design with new soft touch rubber finish along the outer edge. 

PowerStick IV comes with a Loop micro USB cable. Use the Loop (iPhone users can opt to add an Apple Lightning Adapter), or any standard charging cable, to connect the PowerStick IV to your phone. Then simply press the power button and charging will begin. The Loop cable can also be used to recharge the PowerStick IV when its battery is depleted. The LED lights on the top of the charger indicate the battery level. 

Includes: PowerStick IV portable charger, travel case, Loop charging cable, optional MFI Certified Apple Lightning Adapter

• 5.15″ x 1.42″ x 0.55″  /  2.6 oz
• Lifetime warranty
• See full specs chart | Watch the PowerStick IV video

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