The future of charging is here! The PowerWireless is a Qi enabled charger with a 10,000 mAh battery to keep your phone, tablet and other small mobile devices fully charged.

The PowerWireless allows you to charge your Qi enabled phone or phone case without the need for a charging cable. Simply place your phone on top of the charger and instantly start to charge. It also has two convenient USB ports so you can connect and charge devices that are not Qi enabled as well. Use the included micro USB cable (iPhone users can use the apple cable that came with their phone), or any standard charging cable, to connect the PowerWireless to your phone.

The PowerWireless is easily recharged by plugging into a USB port, or USB wall adapter. 4 LED lights on the side of the charger indicate the battery level.

•  6.04″ x 2.97″ x 0.68″ /  8.8 oz
• Lifetime warranty
 Product Manual Watch the PowerWireless video

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