Stay Charged

WE ARE POWERSTICK.COM designs, engineers and manufactures portable power bank phone chargers to keep your smartphone charged while you are on the go.  From the head office in Ottawa, Canada PowerStick has been keeping you charged since 2009.

While the original PowerStick Classic was the first charger product, and original CES award winner, there have been many iterations since that have kept the brand technologically current.

PowerStick’s growing collection includes portable chargers, Bluetooth speakers and media players, which have been recognized by nine CES Innovations and Engineering awards.  In addition, PowerStick has developed and registered technology for several U.S. patents.

In addition to offering products for personal use on their online store, has become a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality consumer technology products for corporate events and programs.  Many respected companies such as Ford & Google have chosen PowerStick products to represent and promote their brand. The lifetime warranty on all charger products makes them a sound investment and quality representation of their brand.


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